General idea of the Directfeedback channels

RWTHApp seeks to improve immediate communication between lecturers and students during lectures and other events. A lecturer can open a channel for Directfeedback which enables students to anonymously ask questions. Answers can be published in the channel or during the event for all present. In addition surveys can be created and their outcome discussed directly.



For all functions to be available a TIM-CAMPUS coupling has to be performed. After successfully coupling TIM and CAMPUS you can register under using your username (format: ab123456) and password.

Students can access channels for Directfeedback via RWTHApp under 'Study' > 'Directfeedback'.


Create channels for Directfeedback and set-up

These are essentially chat rooms which you can use to interact with your students in real-time. Sent messages can only be read by the sender and you.

After successful login all channels which were created by your department will be visible to you. To create a new channel scroll to the end of the list and click on 'Neuen Kanal anlegen'. New channels can only be created using the browser, not the app.



Channels are not automatically linked to a specific lecture or event so please name your channel accordingly. It makes it easier for students to find the right one. To make your channel visible to others you have to open your channel under 'Optionen'. Click on 'Geöffnet'.


To go back to the chat click on the symbol on the menu bar.



Now you can start sending messages and pictures. Students can access channels for Directfeedback via RWTHApp under 'Study' > 'Directfeedback'.


Sending messages

You can send photos using the blue button to the lower left side of the screen. You can enter messages using the white box. Messages you send can be read by everyone accessing the channel unless you reply to a message specifically. To do that, please click on the arrow next to the message. Every message can be highlighted using the 'Markieren' button next to it.



Menu bar

The menu bar facilitates the orientation and organization of the channel.



This tool enables you to easily and quickly create surveys. The question is presented via a different medium (Power Point presenation, white board etc.) or directly entered in the App so the student simply has to click the button A, B, C or D respectively.




To start a survey simply click on the 'Umfrage starten' symbol in the menu bar.



 A small window with a chart opens up to depict current results. To close the survey click on 'Umfrage beenden'.



The end result is released for everyone to see in form of a message in the channel.

Sound and Zoom

Via the sound symbol the sound can be turned on. Every incoming message is accompanied by a notification sound.



Channel URL

The URL for your Channel can be sent via the link symbol in the menu bar. Click on 'Link kopieren' to copy the link and send it as usual.

Attention! This link enables people to manage your channel so be careful to not let unauthorized persons use it.


Set a filter

You can highlight a message using the 'Markieren' button.



The filter function in the menu bar can be enabled to color-sort your highlighted messages.



To manage your channel click on the 'Optionen' symbol in the menu bar.


Channel status

The 'Kanalstatus' indicates whether the channel is open for everyone to find via RWTH App ('Geöffnet') or closed ('Geschlossen'). It can also be blocked for students, so that they can only read messages and not enter new ones ('Im Lesemodus').



Through students’ eyes

In the 'Kanalstatus' section you can enter a welcoming message, which is shown to every student entering the channel ('Willkommensnachricht'). You can also set a password to exclude unwanted visitors. Please remember to save your entry (click on 'Speichern').



You can share the password by writing it on a white board. Students will be asked to enter it when entering the channel.




Content management and deleting

Here you can manage your channel content or even delete the whole  channel. If you click on 'Kanalinhalt herunterladen' you can download your channel content. The button next to it lets you delete the whole content ('Kanalinhalt löschen'). To delete the whole channel click on 'Kanal löschen'.



To go back to the chat click on the symbol on the menu bar.




Via the 'Startseite' symbol you may return to the list of all of your department’s channels.