Service Description

With the archiving service the IT Center provides all users with the possibility to specifically store databases on a tape jukebox system for the long term. There is no automatic replacement or a time-controlled expiration of files. Instead the user has complete control over their archived data stock. The archive thereby serves primarily for the high security storage of data files such as measurement results, completed projects or project steps.


The control group for the IT Center has decided that the restore and archiving system is to be run as a central basic service. Financing is provided by central resources.

Pricing/individual billing is not conducted for this service. When backing up very large amounts of data, consulting the IT Center is desired. In this process it can be clarified, whether the respective institutes need to contribute to the costs of the magnetic tapes required for the backup.

Further information on pricing models planned in the past can be found here.


The current configuration is structured in such a manner that failure of individual components does not usually result in a breakdown. Thereby, all network connections and Storage-Area-Network (SAN)-connections as well as the robotic gripper have a redundant design. The use of multiple server machines also allows for the continuation of the service by means of established takeover methods. Hereby, operational interruptions can be reduced to a minimum.

Software Configuration

Technically, access to the archive is initiated via the client software of the Tivoli Storage Manager that has to be installed locally.