1. Access

The archive server can be accessed from the RWTH network (VPN included) as well as from networks of cooperating institutions which makes it possible to access the archive even when visiting one of the cooperating institutions.

To be able to use the archive service a registration for our Identity Management is absolutely necessary!

The archive service requires a registration as RWTH-employee.
The archive is also available for users of the RV-NRW.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Activate an account for the service "Archiv" in the "Backup- und Archiv-Portal".
  2. Install the required TSM client software. Please recognize the client compatility warnings.
    Server-Client CompatibilitySupported Operating SystemsClient Functional Compatibility

Note Step 1: To activate the account in the Identity Management you have to read and accept the effective terms and conditions of the archive service.

Note Step 2: This step is not required if you are already using TSM for backup on your system (TSM Archive and Backup require the same software) or if you want to archive files on the Compute Cluster of the IT-Center.

2. Accessing the Archive from different Platforms

Basically the archive can be accessed from any computer on which the TSM client software is installed. With the exception that archives, created on Windows, cannot be accessed on UNIX and vice versa.

Because of differences between the clients of other platforms, accessing the archive via Windows has the effect that the archive as a whole cannot be accessed from the "original" platform anymore. In this case only an administrator can restore the access.

Therefore we urge you not to access your archive account from Windows if you stored data from other platforms there. If need be, users can activate two accesses to the archive to bypass this, one for Windows and one for other platforms.