Service Description

Attention! Since winter semester 2018/2019 CAMPUS is replaced by the new campus management system RWTHonline.

The CAMPUS-Information system still covers these services:

  • general courses of past semesters until summer 2018
  • individual courses for Lecturers
  • courses and certificates of past semesters in CAMPUS-Office for students
  • maintenance of personal and organizational data of the CAMPUS-Organisationsverzeichnis (organizational directory) and its organizational accounts.
  • phone book (personal data import in the RWTH telephone system)

Instructions on how to use RWTHonline can be found in the internal RWTH-wiki, information specifically for employees of RWTH Aachen can be found on the RWTHonline-Infoportal. Please note that you can only access the internal RWTH-wiki within the RWTH network, i.e. via eduroam (information on how to access eduroam) or an active VPN connection (information on the use of VPN).

CAMPUS Front Page

Attention! Since winter semester 2018/2019 CAMPUS is replaced by the new campus management system RWTHonline.

The CAMPUS Front Page provides access to all functions of the CAMPUS-information system. Using the navigation bar on the left side you can access the following sections:

  • Majors: A list of majors, sorted by degrees.
  • Organizational and teaching units: An overview of all organizational and teaching units, sorted by faculties.
  • Lecture halls: This search allows to look up all centrallly and decentrally administered lecture halls, including a booking plan and further information on the rooms/lecture halls.
  • Exam regulations: Shows a complete list of all regulations in alphabetical order.
  • Search: Search for data stored in the CAMPUS-information system.
  • Login for employees: Direct link to the login page.
  • CAMPUS-Office for students: Login page for students to access Campus-Office.
  • Hardwareportal: Gain access to a list of every IT-related shop that cooperates directly with the RWTH Aachen.
  • Module handbooks: Displays all exam regulations and allows the download as XML or RTF files. Available in English and German.
  • MSDNAA: Links the Login page of the DreamSpark (formerly known as "Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance") Shop.
  • SelfService: Your personal profile, containing data, accounts and roles as used for all IT services.




The basic CAMPUS-information system, which is connected to the role administration, was changed due to future expansions of the rights and role managment. From now on, if you want to accept a role invitation (f.e. IT-purchaser or role administrator), you have to access the SelfService and use the tab "roles". There you will find an overview of all roles you are currently holding, all invitations for roles and direct access to the role related services. Further information regarding the new role administration (incl. manuals) can be found here.

CAMPUS Statistics

Based on recent data, collected from the CAMPUS-information system, we publish statistics for:

Further Information

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