Achtung! Das CAMPUS-Informationssystem wurde zum Wintersemester 2018/2019 von RWTHonline abgelöst.

Die Rolle Dozent steht jedoch bis auf Weiteres zur Einsicht individueller Veranstaltungsangebote bis einschließlich Sommersemester 2018 zur Verfügung.




Dozent (Lecturer)

Log in

To log in please visit CAMPUS main page > "Login für Mitarbeiter" (Login for staff) and enter your Benutzername (user name = academic title name last name) and password on the login screen, select the Funktion (function) "Dozent“ (lecturer) and click on the login button. Please note the information on the login screen regarding the usage of CAMPUS.

See "Look of the CAMPUS hompage for different roles" for an explanation of the different links listed to the left.


Role assignment

For assignment of the role Dozent (lecturer) please contact Abteilung 1.1 - Akademische Angelegenheiten (Department 1.1 - Academic Affairs).

Duties and Responsibilities 

In CAMPUS a lecturer is responsible for:




Please take not of the fact that there is a difference between the role Dozent (lecturer; also called Login-Dozent, mostly head of the institute) and the Dozent (lecturer) that can be added to an event as the actual lecturer. The role Dozent (lecturer) is appointed by Abteilung 1.1 - Akademische Angelegenheiten (Department 1.1 - Academic Affairs) and can log into the the CAMPUS system, manage events etc. On the other hand when creating a new employee profile (this is done by the role Organisationseinheit) and checking "Dozent" this employee can simply be appointed to events and is the listed as Dozent (lecturer) in those events.