If you would like to transfer data from your own system to our cluster, you have to use either the scp or the sftp protocol.  Although data transfers are possible to or from any dialog system, we recommend that you use one of the systems, dedicated to the purpose of file transfers: copycopy18-1 or copy18-2.

A single copy stream will probably achieve no more than about 80 MB/s. To get higher transfer rates you have to start several copy processes in parallel.

Linux Clients

You may simply use the scp or the sftp commands to copy files from a Linux station to our cluster. However, especially if you have to copy a large amount of data, we would recommend that you use an enhanced file synchronization tool like rsync that is able to resume the file transfer in case the network connection was aborted. Example use of rsync on a Linux system:

Windows Clients

If you would like to transfer files from a Windows system to the RWTH Compute Cluster, you can for example use the free WinSCP program.

First, enter you account details:

Next, copy your files by drag and drop: