Service description

The IT Center operates high performance computers in order to support institutions and employees in terms of education and research.

All machines are integrated into one “RWTH Compute Cluster” running under the Linux operating system.

Information about programming of high performance computers on Linux is described in this area - whereas the documentation for the technical details and usage of the RWTH Compute Cluster can be found in RWTH Compute Cluster - Linux.

You can get information about using and programming the RWTH Compute Cluster online on this website, in our Primer which you can download as a single pdf file for print out, or during our  HPC related Events. For many of these Events, particularly turorials, we collect related material on our web site as well - see  here. And then there are regular lectures, exercises and software labs of the Chair for HPC covering related topics

Here you can find general information about programming of high performance computers.



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