Already since 1998, the HPC team of the IT Center is engaged in shared memory parallelization with OpenMP. Since then, OpenMP is used in production on the large SMP computers of the IT Center with currently up to 128 cores. (The  ScaleMP - service has been discontinued on July 31, 2014. It allowed OpenMP programming with  up to 512 cores on a Cluster equipped with the vSMP software.) Recently, with the advent of multi- and manycore processors in the mass market OpenMP is gaining more and more steam. Also derivates of OpenMP (like Open ACC) are employed on accelerators like GPUs from NVIDIA and the upcoming Xeon Phi from Intel.

  • You can find a short description of our OpenMP activities in the “early” years 1999-2006 here (pdf, in German).
  • You can find some of our publications listed here (html) or here (pdf).

We are members of the OpenMP ARB, the cOMPunity, and actively participate at the International OpenMP Workshops IWOMP .

Christian Terboven, one of our HPC team members is running an interesting blog on OpenMP and C++.

You can use the following OpenMP compilers on our machinery:

OpenMP Compilers at the IT Center

Using OpenMP at the IT Center

You can find a detailled description of how to employ OpenMP on the RWTH Compute Cluster in our HPC Primer. Please find any announcements of classes and course material of previous courses.

OpenMP Literature

  • R. van der Pas, B. Chapman, G. Jost: “Using OpenMP”, MIT Press. ISBN-10: 0-262-53302-2 / ISBN-13: 978-0-262-53302-7.
  • R. Chandra, L. Dagum, D. Kohr, D. Maydan, J. McDonald, R.Menon: “Parallel Programming in OpenMP”, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2001

OpenMP Specifications

OpenMP Examples