VI-HPS Performance and Analysis Tools Overview

  SCALASCA VampirTrace / Vampir MUST

OpenMP & MPI runtime summarization, tracing and analysis (focus on high scalability)

OpenMP and MPI tracing and presentationMPI correctness checking
Availability/Licensefree (New BSD)free / commercialfree
Supported platformsLinuxLinuxLinux
Hardware Counter supportvia PAPIvia PAPIn.a.
InstrumentationScorePOPARI, VampirTrace API, PMPI interfacePMPI interface
Output file formatsCUBE3, EPILOGOTF, othersASCII text, HTML, CUBE
ViewersCUBEVampir GUIASCII text
User GuidescalascaVampirTraceMUST Manual


Non VI-HPS Performance and Analysis Tools Overview

 Intel VTune AmplifierOracle(Sun) Performance AnalyzerOracle(Sun) Thread AnalyzerIntel InspectorIntel Trace Collector/Analyzer
FeaturesSerial, OpenMPSerial, OpenMP; sampling and MPI tracingOpenMP correctness checkingOpenMP correctness checkingOpenMP and MPI tracing and presentation
Supported platformsLinux, WindowsLinuxLinuxLinux, WindowsLinux, Windows
Hardware Counter supportyesyesyesn.a.yes
Source code Instrumentation yes (by Oracle (Sun) compiler option)yes (by Oracle (Sun) compiler option)yes (by Intel compiler option)compiler / PMPI Interface
ViewersproprietaryPerformance Analyzer GUI (analyzer)Thread Analyzer GUI (tha)proprietaryproprietary