Tips - Help for Self-Help

Aside from hardware failures it is oftentimes local power blackouts, loose cable connections or software- or setting-related failures that cause a disturbance. Here, the users can often contribute significantly to the autonomous fault detection and troubleshooting themselves.

The network doesn't work at all - what should be done?



 Personal investigations
Is only one computer/connection affected? 
  • Is the computer connected and the port created?
  • Link?
  •       Check configuration on the computer           
    • IP address and related values or driver
    • DNS
    • Domain
    • Speed + duplex setting
    • Ping to itself (localhost)
    • Ping to own network
    • Ping to external world
 Visual cable inspection (especially optical fibers)
  • kinked?
  • bending radii observed?
  • plug clean?
  • fibers reversed?
 Network components between computer and data outlet?
  • Switch
    • Power available?
    • Uplink active?
    • Link of computer active?
  • Media converter
    • Power available?
    • Link and activity available (both ports)?
    • TP port straight/crossed?
    • Check cable (is it properly plugged into the port, ...)
  • Transceiver
    • Link available
    • Check cable (is it properly plugged into the port, ...)
 What are my permissions regarding the distribution cabinet?

Visual inspection

  • Cable
  • Link at the media converter 
  • Link at the switch/router 
  • own switch:
    • View/edit the configuration (if manageable)
    • replug
    • reset
  • Switch/router managed by the IT Center
    • Link?
      -> If not, call IT Center
  • Own connection (cable) and components
    • Cable measurements
    • Exchange
  • Connections managed by the IT Center (cable) and components
    • E-mail / call IT Center
 The network is working but poorly!


  • Check speed adjustment
  • Check duplex setting
  • Check driver
  • Collisions?
  • Check/exchange cable 
  • Check/exchange network component
  • Current load on the network

 When and how does the IT Center help?


 Workplace issues
  • Exchange of components
  • Replacement
  • Configuration of network components (switches, routers...)
  • cable measurements
    • Damping
    • Length of connection (limit values exceeded?)
    • Ping ability into the network
 Uplink and central network components
  • Inspection by our staff
  • cable test and exchange
  • central network components + configuration
  • counseling on network structure to prevent future problems