Service Description

DNS (Domain Name Service) is a basic functionality in computer networks that provides the translation between host names and internet addresses (IPv4 and IPv6). Named contact persons/administrators can use the DNS-Admin to insert entries here or get in contact with hostmaster of the  RWTH Aachen University.

Due to its importance for the network, the service runs centrally and redundantly on the backbone and is available to all users within the RWTH network. To use this service the DNS server listed below have to be registered on each device. This can be done manually or automatically (for example  DHCPv4 or RA Recursive DNS Server Option (RFC 8106)).

The usage of the RWTH DNS service is a requirement for other services provided by the RWTH (for example telephone and messaging).


RWTH Störungsmeldungen
Störungsmeldungen für Dienste der RWTH Aachen


Alle für den DNS-Admin berechtigte Personen können nun über einzelne Einträge oder einen Massen-Import sog. Secure Shell Fingerprint (SSHFP) im DNS hinterlegen - weitere Informationen finden sich u.a. hier