When you do not use a keychain with the iCloud, then you should generate for every device eduroam credentials. If you use a keychain für your several devices, then you can only create on credential and use it for all your devices. You will find a tutorial here: https://doc.itc.rwth-aachen.de/x/RQTuAQ. You'll need them to authenticate in step 3.

Please note that login names generated with the help of eduroam Devicemanager will end with @rwth.edufi.de for members of the RWTH Aachen University and with @fzj.edufi.de for the members of the FZ Jülich.

You can still access the institute WLAN using a login name that ends with @rwth-aachen.de.

Step 1: Open settings and connect to RWTH-guests

Mobile radio and RWTH-guests


If you are in the mobile network and have data volume, a connection with RWTH-guests is not necessary and you can continue with step 2.

Please also note that the RWTH-guests network is not available at the Uniklinikum RWTH Aachen.

First open the settings and go to the 'WLAN' menu. If you now turn on the WLAN, you will receive a list of the available networks. Now you can connect by clicking on RWTH-guests, activate Access in the browser that opens and then click 'Done'.

Step 2: Download profile

You can now download and install the profile from the DFN website (https://cat.eduroam.org/?idp=5157). After clicking 'Install', you have to enter your device password/pin and click 'Next' once and 'Install' twice.

Identity and password: generated eduroam credentials (instruction: https://doc.itc.rwth-aachen.de/x/RQTuAQ)

Step 3: Enter access data

Now enter your generated login credentials and click Done.  (generate eduroam credentials)

Then you can connect to eduroam under Settings --> WLAN.