Service description

The service "RWTH-E-Mail" is an IT-Service of the IT Center supporting the communication at the RWTH Aachen as well as at the FH Aachen. For security reasons the incoming e-mail traffic is checked for viruses (Malicious Code) and SPAM. The going out e-mail traffic is checked for viruses only.



The e-mail adresses hosted on the central exchange-system have the user name <username>@* (e.g. The user name differentiates from the e-mail adress: name@* (e.g. E-mails send to (e.g.), cannot be served.

The service includes: an Email- function, a calendar- and meeting-management –function, a routing of E-mail traffic for E-mail-systems and antispam and antivirus actions.

Futhermore, the automatic backup includes the storeage of deleted elements of the post office box (e.g. E-Mails) for the last 28 days.

You can find information about the E-Mail-Lifecycle for students and employees.