Beginning on September 29th 2015 we will migrate the RWTH E-Mail system from MS Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange 2013. The migration will also bring a change in the design of the Outloo Web Application (OWA) page ( On this page you can find information on the changed design and other changes because of the migration.

Coexistence of both Mail Server Versions during the Migration

  1. Why does the login page of Outlook Web Application look different?

The new system is already in charge of authentication during the migration. If your mailbox has already been migrated Outlook Web Application (OWA) will also be displayed in the new design. If the mailbox is still on the old system you will automatically be redirected to the old system and OWA will be displayed in the old design.

  2. What has to be observed when using Apple Mail?

Activate the option “automatically recognize server” in the account information.

If this option is not selected the internal server name will not be updated and you cannot access migrated mailboxes anymore.

  3. What has to be observed when using Thunderbird?

As long as your mailbox is still on the old system Thunderbird will display the message "BAD Command Error. 12". This error will only occur during the migration as long as the mailbox is still on the old system. However, in our tests Thunderbird continued to work in spite of the warning message.


After the Migration of the Mailboxes

  1. Mobile devices might possibly not sync anymore after the mailbox migration.

Please restart your device. This will fix the error.

  2. Which Microsoft Outlook Version is supported?
  3. Usage of Microsoft Outlook Webapp (OWA) during the migration.

If you access your mailbox during the migration via Outlook Web Application (OWA) you will not be able to access it after the migration. In this case please restart your web browser and connect again to OWA.

  4. Outlook reports “The Microsoft Exchange administrator made a change that requires you to quit and restart Outlook”

After the migration of your mailbox to the new system it is necessary to restart Outlook. The necessary changes of the configuration will be applied automatically.



Further information on security and data protection



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