The following manual provides an explanation of how to set different filters or rules for your inbox.
The use of filters and rules will be illustrated by means of an example.
In this example, e-mails sent by Hugo Mueller are supposed to be moved to a seperate folder.

1. Log on to the Outlook Web App, click on the gearwheel and select "Options".

2. In the left-hand column, choose "Inbox and sweep rules". Then go to the "inbox rules" and click "+".

3. Select the corresponding condition under “*When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions”. In this case: “It was received from…”.


If you want to filter your incoming messages according to your alias (e.g. messages sent to max.mustermann@ rwth-aachen.de should be saved in folder 1 and messages sent to max.mustermann1@ rwth-aachen.de in folder 2), choose It includes these words → in the message header as condition and enter the desired e-mail address in the field Specify words or phrases.

4. The address register opens. Here you select the e-mail address of the person that the rule should be applied to. To do so, enter the name of the person in the search line and click "+". If you need an overview of all persons in your domain, please click the double arrow and select the desired address list under "Directory".

5. In the next step you select the corresponding act under “Do all of the following:”. In this case “Move the message to folder…”.


6. Now select the folder into which the e-mails are supposed to be moved. Confirm your selection by clicking "OK".

As next you can add additional exceptions, conditions or actions and change the name of the rule.

7.  Click on “OK” to apply the rules.