General information

simpleArchive allows members of RWTH Aachen University to archive files up to a size of 2GB via a simple web interface. Files can also easily be retrieved and shared via a download link.

Please use the classic archive service for files exceeding 2 GB . Please also use the classic archive service if you want to archive personalized data. Personalized data must not be archived via simpleArchive.

At the moment you cannot delete a file by yourself.

Access and terms of use

The application is accessible to employees of RWTH Aachen University. Login is handled via RWTH Single Sign-On.

If you have not yet accepted the most current version of the simpleArchive terms of use, you will be asked for your consent.

Please find the binding German version of the terms of use here:

Nutzungsbedingungen simpleArchive (PDF)

Archiving a file

Assemble the archive file

It often happens that a number of files belongs together as they have been created within the same research project. To archive these files via simpleArchive, assemble and pack them into a single file (using a software like ZIP, RAR or TAR).

Please remember to include a text file containing the most important contextual information. This information should allow you or your colleagues to understand and re-use tha data even after a long time. Please also remember to specify who is allowed to use the data and who holds intellectual property rights.


Navigate to the application.

Choose "Log in". Afterwards you are requested to log in via RWTH Single Sign-On.

Upload a file

Please click on "archive file".

You can now select the file you want to upload and archive. Furthermore you can select how long the file shall be archived and add a description.

If you did not yet accept the terms and conditions, you have to accept them first. You can save this decision for future access.

After the file has been successfully uploaded the archiving process is initiated in the background.

If you want to add metadata you will be redirected to the Metadata-Tool.

As soon as the file has been archived you will receive a confirmation e-mail at your contact e-mail address as specified in the Selfservice.

Retrieve a file

Choose the option "Restore file".

An overview of all your archived files is shown. Click on "Retrieve" to start the process of retrieving the file from the archive.

As soon as the file has been retrieved and is ready for download you will receive an e-mail with the download link at your contact e-mail address as specified in the Selfservice. Using this link you can either download the file by yourself or share it with somebody else.


You will find a user guide video (in German) about simpleArchive here. (Available from RWTH network)

Updating information

You can edit the saved information about your file like description and expiry date.

To get to the edit view, click on "More" on the "Restore" page.

On this new view you can edit the description and the expiry date, download the certificate, copy the PID and link your file to a publication.

Linking to RWTH Publications

You can link data in simpleArchive with publications that are already registered in RWTH Publications.

To link to a publication enter the publication's or author's name in the field. The system will then suggest suitable titles from RWTH Publications, from which you can select the appropriate one.

You can only link data with publications of your institution, i.e. the same IKZ.

You can also add a link to a publication for an already archived file to a later point in time by updating its information.


In the overview you also find the option to download a certificate for each file.

The certificate is created as soon as a file is uploaded. It contains a hash value of the uploaded file as well as a timestamp issued by DFN-Verein. The certificate allows to prove that the file existed at the time contained in the timestamp and that it has not been altered since.

Delete a file

At the moment, you cannot delete a file by yourself once it has been archived. In case you need the file you uploaded to be deleted please send an e-mail to, containing the file name and PID.

Terms of Use



 Terms of Use for members of RWTH Aachen

This is a translation of the terms of use to English. Only the original German version is legally binding.

§ 1 Object of the terms of use

The following terms of use describe the conditions for the usage of the service "simpleArchive" (hereafter simpleArchive) provided by the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University for all units of the university (hereafter "RWTH"). The purpose of simpleArchive is to safely store data and other research results of RWTH according to the requirements of good scientific practice, as defined by Amtlichen Bekanntmachung Nr. 2011/04 of RWTH.

The following rules apply for the usage of simpleArchive.

§ 2 Preconditions of usage

(1) The here defined rules refer exclusively to the usage of simpleArchive.

(2) The usage of simpleArchive requires an employment relationship with the RWTH and the usage of a web browser.

§ 3 Costs

The usage of simpleArchive is free of cost; there is no legal entitlement to registration and usage.

§ 4 Due diligence

Users are obliged to handle their access credentials with care and protect them from third parties. They are required to adopt all measures necessary to ensure the security and confidentiality of their access credentials. In a case of possible abuse of their credentials users are obliged to immediately inform the RWTH. Users are responsible for the consequences of such an abuse.

Users are forbidden to adopt measures or use software that disturb the functioning of simpleArchive or otherwise impede the availability of the service.

Deviant uses of simpleArchive (e. g. the usage of cryptograhy) are entirely within the responsibility of the user.

In the case of noncompliance users will be suspended from the usage of simpleArchive.

Furthermore, users are required to comply with all instructions given.

§ 5 Rights and obligations of users

(1) By using simpleArchive users are entitled to their data and other research results, that have been uploaded to simpleArchive, being saved for at least 10 years. The 10-year-period starts with the day at which the data has been uploaded to simpleArchive. In case of data migration as a result of a technology change users are obliged to assist, if necessary.

(2) By using simpleArchive users concede the right to RWTH to store the uploaded data as well as access it given the preconditions detailed hereafter.

(3) The data stored by users in simpleArchive may be accessed by RWTH, represented by persons holding the role "Backup-Admin" for the respective organizational unit (hereafter "Backup-Admin") if

a) the employment relationship between the user and RWTH has been terminated;

b) or the user is not available for a period of more than 1 week to access and provide their data stored in simpleArchive themselves;

c) or the user infringed the terms of use and has therefore been suspended from further usage of simpleArchive.

(4) Easement and author's rights for the stored information remain unaffected.

(5) The storage of personally identifiable information within simpleArchive is forbidden. For archiving personally identifiable information the IT Center service "Archiv" is available.

(6) The names of uploaded files may only contain Latin letters, Arabic numerals as well as the special characters hyphen (-), underscore (_) and dot (.).

§ 6 Liability

RWTH is liable without limitation in case of intent or gross negligence for injury to life, limb or health and according to the provisions of the product liability act.

In case of a slightly negligent violation of a duty that is essential to the purpose of the contract (cardinal duty) the liability of RWTH is limited to the amount of the damage that is foreseeable and typical for this type of interaction.

There is no further liability of RWTH.

The above defined limitations of liability also apply to the personal liability of employees, representatives and entities of RWTH.

§ 7 Availability of simpleArchive

A permanent, uninterrupted and/or unlimited availability of simpleArchive cannot be offered or guaranteed. Maintenance works, security aspects, force majeure or events outside the control of RWTH may lead to the interruption or temporal suspension of the service.

§ 8 Data privacy

The collection and usage of personal information will be conducted in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations. In particular, no personal information will be transferred to third parties without explicit consent.

Upon registration at simpleArchive the following personal information about the user will be transferred and stored to the Identity Management of RWTH.

  • Name
  • First name
  • E-mail addresses
  • Institute Identification Number(s) ("Instituts-Kennzahl(en)", IKZ)

In case a user is not associated with at least one archived file the user's personal information will be deleted after 2 hours.

§ 9 Miscellaneous

(1) Changes and additions to this contract require the written form. This includes the change or suspension of this clause.

(2) General terms and conditions of the user are not applicable.

(3) This contract underlies the German law under exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) from April 11, 1980.

(4) Place of performance is Aachen. Exclusive legal domicile is Aachen as long as each party is a merchant or a corporate body under public law or does not have a general legal domicile in Germany.

(5) In case single provisions of this contract are invalid the legal force of all other provisions remains. The parties to this contract will seek to replace the void provision with a valid one, whose commercial meaning is as similar to the void one as possible.

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