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The firewall is responsible for the restriction of services so that vulnerable and sensitive services are only available to the extent that is permitted by the security policy.

In order to enforce this concept, the IT Center runs a high performance firewall on the internet uplink that regulates the availability of the most important worldwide internet services binary (yes/no).

Furthermore, the IT Center can install another firewall layer on demand that runs on the individual routers of the respective institutions and secures their local networks from threats inside the university network. If you are interested in this topic, contact us.



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Netze - Routingupdate im Datacenter - ACI / Datacenter
Wartung von Mittwoch 25.09.2019 09:45 bis Mittwoch 25.09.2019 10:45 - Am genannten Datum wird das SDN im Datacenter gewartet. Die Wartung erfolgt ausfallfrei.


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