Service Description

The Service GigaMove offers an easy and user-friendly way of exchanging large amounts of data.

This exchange of data can only be initiated by a user who is a member of an organization affiliated to the DFN AAI federation. Authentication is carried out via Shibboleth – an “Advanced” degree of reliance is required; no further authentication will take place.

This user either uploads a file via HTTPS protocol and hands on the automatically generated HTTPS download – optionally via an automatically generated e-mail – or this person generates a HTTPS link that the partner may use to upload a file.

The data will be checked automatically by an up-to-date virus scanner and they will be deleted after seven days (extension possible). It is possible to protect the download with a password. A maximum of 10 GB can be stored per account. Single files, however, cannot exceed two GB – please also take note of the specific restrictions of the respective browsers (see: Upload limits for Internet Eplorer, Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, IIS and ASP.)


The service Gigamove is available to all participating institutions of the German National Research and Education Network (Deutsches Forschungsnetz) Basic requirement for this service is being able to authenticate via Shibboleth. The reqquired Shibboleth Identity Provider of the home institution (e.g. RWTH Aachen, FH Aachen, WWU Münster) has to be part of the DFN “Advanced” degree of reliance.


By virtue of the deployed protocols and software, Gigamove can be used on any kind of hardware – including mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


The service requires an up-to-date web-browser and the option of communicating via HTTPS with the server.

For the verification of the certificates, the browser should know the RWTH-CA-Certifcate, the DFN-PKI-CA-Certifcate as well as Telekom-CA-rootcertificate.