Service description

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Being the central user dashboard, the identity management (IdM) of the RWTH Aachen supports the entire life cycle of the most important IT-based services that people at the RWTH make use of. Amongst others the following aspects are covered:

  • registraton of new users
  • various changes of roles inside the RWTH Aachen (e.g. switching from student to employee)
  • final resignation and therefore the omission of rights

The IdM's main purpose is the management and provisioning of data for authentification and authorisation of users as suited.

By connecting central source systems (Registrar's Office, HR Department) to the Identity Management, data is saved in one central place and syncronized in connected systems. Service continuality will be provided by changes of roles and access data of users will still be availible or modified despite the change of relation with the RWTH Aachen.

After registration, users can check and, if possible, change their personal data on the Identity Management selfservice. Every user should register only once in the IdM system and redeem coupons from various procedure with the existing user Name.

Up-to-dateness of personal data

Via the Identity Management the Registrar's Office, the HR department and the Univesity Library use the same personal data. An employee who is also matriculated as a PhD student can therefore change his address at the University Library and the change also becomes effective in the Registrar's Office and the HR department. Similarly, certain changes (e.g. e-mail or name changes) are automatically transferred from the Identity Management to connected services (e.g. e-learning).

In case your name is misspelt please contact the HR department (employees) or the Registrar's Office (students).