What is my access data for the IdM?

Your access data for the IdM consist of your username (format: ab123456) and your password.

 What is a username?

A username (format: ab123456) is your username for the Identity Management. It usually consists of two letters and six random numbers e.g. ab123456.

 How do I get the access data for the IdM?

You will get your access data after the registration, which is conducted in various ways depending on the different roles.

 I want to use a service that is protected by Shibboleth. Which account is this?
If you want to use a service protected by the Single Sign-On System Shibboleth the authentication is carried out via your RWTH Single Sign-On account.
 What is the RWTH-ID?

The RWTH-ID consists of seven tokens in the format "XXX-XXX". The RWTH-ID can be viewed in the Selfservice. It is assigned automatically to students and employees and cannot be changed. 

 I cannot log in. What can I do?

Via the Password-Reset-Tool you can have your access data for the Identity Management automatically e-mailed to you, provided that you can access the contact e-mail address that is stored in the IdM. You can get help from the IT-ServiceDesk. Please give the name of the service or application you cannot access, as well as your username (format: ab123456).

 I lost my unlock code

If you lost your unlock code the IT-ServiceDesk is able to issue a new code. However, you will need to show up in person at one of our branch offices and present your identity card or passport. You can find a plan of our locations here.

 I forgot my username and/or password
  • Unknown username: If you are able to access the contact e-mail address stored in the Selfservice you can use the Password-Reset-Tool to have your username sent. To do so, please click on Forgot Username under the displayed "submit" button. Hence, you will be asked to enter either your matriculation number, RWTH-ID or contact e-Mail adress. You will receive an e-mail containing a link to your credentials and the option to reset your password.
  • Unknown password: There are four possible ways to obtain a new password. Further information about your options can be found on the following page.
 I have two usernames linked to my name

If you have two or more usernames and have problems using an IT-based service, please try to access it with all known usernames. The various permissions (e.g. student or employee status) might in this case be dependent on different usernames. You can check the details about it in the Selfservice. If you still have problems using the service, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk of RWTH Aachen University. If there are no problems with the usage of the specific services, the usernames cannot unfortunately be merged.

 How can I change my personal data?

You can view and change the following data yourself via the Selfservice:

  • Your address: if necessary this will be synchronised with the RWTH Aachen University Library, the Human Resources Department and the Registrar's Office. Changes made here will be forwarded automatically.
  • Your contact e-mail address: We can contact you via this e-mail address, please keep it up to date! You can e.g. reset your password with this e-mail address.

Therefore please log onto the Selfservice with your username (format: ab123456) and the password for the RWTH Single Sign-On account and change the data via the corresponding link.

In case your name is misspelt please contact the HR department (employees) or the Registrar's Office (students). A detailed description of the process is available in the RWTH Aachen University wiki.

If you want to change further personal data, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.