General Information on the Selfservice

The Selfservice enabIes users to access and partly change their data of the Identity Management.


Please do not use the "Login"-Button on this website

The URL to the user self administration is as follows:

Use your username (format: ab123456) and the corresponding password for your RWTH Single Sign-On account.

The login should look like this:

Table of Contents

User Data

View and Change Personal Data

The home page shows you all the personal data that is stored in the Identity Management. You can change some of the data by yourself, e.g. your contact e-mail address. If data, which you cannot change yourself (e.g. your name), is incorrect, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

The tab "Personal Data" looks as follows:


The tab "RWTH Data" also enables you to review your membership of RWTH Aachen University stored in the IdM. This looks as follows:

Employees can also find their employee number, the reference number(s) of their institution(s) (IKZs) as well as a link to their entry on CAMPUS provided that a TIM-CAMPUS linkage has been set up.

If you are an employee and cannot see this image , no TIM-CAMPUS linkage has been set up yet. Please be sure to set up the linkage. A manual can be found here.

Accounts and Passwords

Change Password

You can change the passwords for your accounts yourself via the Selfservice. To do so just select the tab "Accounts and Passwords". It is possible to choose a different password for each account as well as choosing the same password for various accounts with the same password regulations.


For safety reasons please use a password that differs from those of your other accounts for the WLAN/VPN account!

Change Account Data, e.g. E-Mail Forwarding, Visibility in the Global Exchange Address Book

Click on the various services to change your account settings. You may e.g. set up email forwarding under "RWTH Service":


If you use the “Forwarding” option, your e-mails will be forwarded directly. No messages will be saved in your email account, which you can access via the webmailer!

Forwarding to the email address “” DOES NOT work, as it is no e-mail address!

Global Exchange Address Book


The “Visible in global adresslist” option allows you to decide whether your name and email address will be published in the address book or not.

Address book entries are visible within the central exchange mail server of RWTH Aachen University, if need be even interinstitutional, providing the possibility e.g. to look for and book participants and arrange an appointment.

Setting up an Account

The Selfservice offers various accounts for different services. Some of these accounts are set up automatically after the registration e.g. the RWTH Single Sign-On account, others can be added afterwards, depending on your membership of RWTH Aachen University. Therefore you first need to select the tab "Accounts and Passwords" and then click on “Create Account” in the upper part of the page:

If you e.g. do not yet have an account for the PC-Pool or cannot access the high-performance computing, those can be selected here.

Deleting an Account

You can delete accounts that you have created yourself when you no longer need them. Accounts that were automatically created for you based on a status are automatically removed if the status is lost. The effects can be found in the overview "Accounts in Identity Management".

Select the accounts to be deleted and confirm with the "Next" button. A security question follows.

Devices (OAuth)

In Selfservice you can manage your devices.


Here you can see and manage the applications that access any RWTH services on your behalf.
You can see the name of the app and the device which the app was installed on. To view the scopes click on "View scopes".

It is also possible to remove an app by ticking the checkbox next to the application and then klicking the "Remove"-button. After confirming the app will be removed from the list.

WLAN Devices  

By clicking on the link you will be redirected to the Eduroam Device Manager.

Here you can manage your wifi-capable devices and set new access data for Eduroam.

You will require new access data if you want to connect a new device to Eduroam or need new data for an already registered one.
To connect a new device follow our Eduroam instructions.

To generate new access data klick on "Create login data" and login via RWTH Single Sign-On. After giving your device an individual name, the new access data will be shown.


Displaying Roles from the Role Managment

Via the menu item "Roles" you can view existing roles from the role management and exercise them via the displayed links, e.g. in one of the ordering portals.

The tab “Roles” is only visible if you have been assigned at least one role.

Redeeming Coupons

In order to use a role from the role management you need to be authorised for it. Under "Redeem Coupon" you can redeem the coupon issued for this purpose by your role manager. You will find further information on this topic in the following manual.


Via the Selfservice you can access information on your BlueCard and, if need be, change it. This is also where students upload their photo for the BlueCard and can decide whether their BlueCard should be generated with or without a chip. For information and solutions to the most common problems with the photo upload, visit the Blue Card FAQ page 


My IT Center

This menu will take you to the My IT Center portal, where the various web applications for the administration and configuration of the IT services of the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University are listed for you.

After logging in to the My IT Center portal, you will be shown the services, RWTH shops and support offers at a central location for which you have a user authorization.