Service Description

The IT Center provides employees of the RWTH Aachen University with laptops,which can be borrowed for a limited period of time, to support training and teaching events. The use of mobile systems as well as webbased teaching and information events is to be sustainably promoted through this offer. Therefor the computers are explicitely assigned not to be used for the private usage of students, employees or professors.

The booking of laptops takes place via: The access is protected via Shibboleth and explicitely allowed to individuals with a valid RWTH-Employee status.

A total of 50 laptops are available, all of which are shipped with Windows-10. All laptops come with an integrated ethernet adapter as well as an implemented Wi-Fi card, so that a usual network access can be realised in premises, which have a Wi-Fi infrasturcture (such as access to eduroam) available. The IT Center furnishes all laptops with a standard software package. In case further or special software is needed, licensing and installation of such packages has to be taken care of by the borrower herself/himself. The systems are removed and reinstalled by the IT Center previous to every borrowing.



The Laptop-Pool was renewed in November 2017 with a new interface, a new borrowing procedure and options for placing and cancelling oders autonomously. The quantity of the devices desired for borrowing can be set individually and chosen via a user friendly application. Devices can now be borrowed individually as opposed to a pack of five. The time period was also widened to a minimum of one and a maximum of 28 days. The new Laptop-pool does not only provide new functionalities and a new design, but also new devices which are equipped with the latest hardware. Altogether there are 50 laptops available, all of which are using a current version of the Windows 10 Operating System.



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