Service Description

The performances of lecturers within the faculty 1 (Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences) are documented through the teaching and research questionnaire.

In order to fulfill the whole range of services, the faculty wants to reflect the outstanding work done by all professors in every facet.

The procedure is essentially based on an online questionnaire, which is filled out and updated once a year by the professors. With the according data, development and performance of professional groups can be illustrated as, for instance, required for reports on the implementation of the excellence initiative.

The teaching and research questionnaire accumulates data from multiple sources: course data from CAMPUS, information on publications of the professors from the university bibliography, results of student evaluations from courses via EvaSys as well as information regarding the doctorates of the lecturer from the database of the Central Examination Office. All related data sources are compliant to data privacy: the data is either already open to the public (courses, events, publications) or anonymized data (teaching evaluations, doctorates).




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