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To take part in a Teams meeting, you need a valid e-mail address that you have access to.

If you want to create a Teams group or invite other participants to this group, you need an Office 365 account with a valid license "Office 365 A1 for Faculty".

As an employee of the RWTH, you can create this account free of charge. For this purpose, please follow the guide on this page.

Contents of this page:

1. Starting a chat or a call

It is possible to start a chat or a call with one or more participants anytime without creating a team. You can see an overview of your chats if you click on the "New chat" icon by the Microsoft Teams logo.

Use a name, e-mail, group or day to search and add participants. With the help of three buttons on the top right, you can start a group chat by clicking on "Show and add participants" as well as start audio and video calls with the chat participants.

To start a new call, click on the icon "Calls" and on the button "Make a call".

The field "Enter names" allows you to add one or more participants and start an audio or video call.

2. Creating a team


Name and description


Please give your team a descriptive name that contains your organisation initials, e.g. ITC - XXX.

An appropriate description can be useful as well.

A "team" is needed to create a meeting. Teams correspond to a group that contains a number of participants.


You do not need to create a separate team for every meeting. It is possible to create several channels (private channels as well) in one team that can be used for different discussion topics. The Microsoft documentation contains an overview of usage possibilities.

To create a team, open Teams at first:

When in the Teams application, click on the symbol "Join or create a team" on the left.

Choose an appropriate type for your team and follow the assistant.




The Data protection option "Private" is to be chosen for the team. If the option "Public" is chosen, anyone from the organisation can freely join the team .

Anyone from the organisation means in this context anyone within the Office-365-RWTH-tenant, speaking every employee of the RWTH.

Once created, the team can be chosen in the "Teams" field. The team participants can be managed anytime.

It is advisable to add at least two owners for the team administration. The settings can be found in the menu. The menu itself can be opened via three dots near the corresponding team name. Choose "Manage team" to access the team settings.

Here you can change a role of a participant to an owner and allow more participants to administrate the team.

3. Starting a meeting

A meeting within a team can be started with the help of the corresponding symbol at the bottom of the page.

As long as the meeting is active, other team participants can see it and can join the meeting. It is also possible to enable a webcam apart from an audio call. Enabling a screen is also possible.

The meeting can be recorded as well. This function is only available for the team participants but not for guests. The complete video and audio data are recorded and saved in Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Stream is accessible only for participants but not for guests.

4. Managing participants in a team

Please open Teams at first to be able to manage participants:

Use the button "Teams" to access all teams, which are available for you as a participant.

Click on three dots by the tile of the team to open the menu. You can reach the management options by clicking on "Manage team". Here you can adjust current rights of the participants and delete or invite participants.

To add a new participant, click on "Add participant" on the right and enter the name of the corresponding participant. If you want to add a person who is not an RWTH employee, you can enter an e-mail address as well.

By clicking on "Add" an invitation is sent to the person who is to be added to the team.


5. Further documentation

Detailed documentation concerning Microsoft Teams by Microsoft themselves can be found here.
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