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Die Veranstaltung wird im Regelfall im Sommersemester angeboten. Planungsbedingte Änderungen bleiben vorbehalten.

Dieser Kurs wird in Kooperation mit der Universität Maastricht angeboten und wird auf Englisch gehalten.

Im Wahlkurs Operations Research Case Studies arbeitet der Dozent mit der 9. Auflage von „Introduction to Operations Research“ von Hillier und Lieberman (MacGraw-Hill). Die 8. Auflage (wie sie hier im Sommersemester benutzt wurde), ist auch in Ordnung.

Ein Laptop wird nicht benötigt.


2 SWS Vorlesung pro Woche

1 SWS Übung pro Wochce


Analysis I, Lineare Algebra I, Stochastik


Operations Research (OR) or decision theory is concerned with the best way to assign scarce means to competing activities. As such, it is an important branch of mathematics that is widely used, e.g. by companies to increase their profits or lower their costs. The subject area can be divided in deterministic OR, in which all parameters of a problem are known, and stochastic OR. in this course the emphasis will be on decision problems involving probabilistic uncertainty: queuing systems, inventory theory and Markov decision problems.

Students will obtain an overview of available models and techniques in the field of OR.

Given a real-life problem in the field of OR, students will be able to formulate a mathematical model for the problem and they will be able to apply an appropriate technique for solving it.
Students will learn to recognize what type of problems can be handled by means of models and methods from Operations Research theory.

They acquire skills to explain complex problems from Operations Research and their solution methods and will be able to formulate a precise mathematical model for a given real-life problem and they will be able to apply an appropriate technique for solving it.




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