Service Description

The IT Center operates a powerful web filter infrastructure (Proxy) that performas virus scanning and reputation-based website classification that blocks access to sites with a bad "score" (similar to the spam filter procedure). The reputation score can range from -10.0 to +10.0, websites with a score lower than -6.1 are blocked.

Reputation scores can be examined on

The objective is to prevent recurring downloads of malware at an early stage.

At the moment, the web traffic of the VPN, eduroam, RWTH-guests, the student residences and some larger institutions is routed over the transparent proxies via Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP).

If an important website is not available, please follow the instructions in the prompt of the proxy server.

There are two available options:

  • anonymization of the client IP address, i.e. only the IP address of the web proxy is known to the contacted web server
  • no anonymization of the client IP address (spoofing), i.e. the client IP address is passed-through to the contacted web server.

The second option may prove useful for services that require unique client IPs but is only realizable with WCCP.



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