RWTHmoodle offers teachers a RWTH-owned streaming option for the use of videos in their teaching scenarios. The videos are bound to the context of a course room so only the course participants can play them. Students  cannot download them without having technical knowledge.



Students cannot download the streaming videos through a download button or by right-clicking into the video and choosing "Save link as". Nevertheless, technically skilled students will find a way to download them anyway.

Providing videos for your course participants is a two step process. First, upload the video files to the "Opencast" streaming server of the RWTH via a RWTHmoodle course room. Then, embed the videos in the course room pages using the resource types "Page" or "Label". The videos will then be available in the respective course room.

On upload, the Opencast streaming server automatically converts the videos to different quality levels and will deliver them in the quality level fitting for the terminal device. Thus, the upload of videos to commercial platforms such as YouTube is not necessary.

Besides adding various metadata you can also attach WebVTT files with captions or chapters.


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