External persons, who do not have a current status at the RWTH Aachen University - which means that they are neither students nor employees - can use RWTHmoodle, as well.


In this case, it has to be distinguished whether the persons have already been registered in the Identity Management of the RWTH Aachen and if they already have a user name (e.g. ab123456).

Persons with user name: These persons can be added to the course room by the "managers" of the course room via "participants" on the left-hand side in the navigation section.

Persons without user name: If a person has not yet been registered at RWTH Aachen University and thus does not have a user name, this person has to be registered via the RWTH-Partner-Procedure, first. Through this, a user name will be generated for the person.
Then, the person can also be added to the course room by the "manager".



For more information: "Login", "Add and remove participants", and "RWTH-Partner-Procedure"


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