Users access RWTHmoodle via a web browser (client) on their PC/tablet/notebook. Any modern browser should work (IE 6 and older is not supported). The operating system of the client is not relevant. However, you may need special software to download and open certain file types from RWTHmoodle.

If you want to use RWTHmoodle on mobile devices, use the mobile Web page view in the browser or install the RWTHApp. The full functionality of RWTHmoodle is only available via the mobile Web view in the browser. The Web page uses a responsive design, that is, the design automatically adapts to smaller screen sizes. The RWTHApp currently only displays the course rooms and the files uploaded to them.

With Moodle Desktop, Moodle also offers an option that makes it easier to use Moodle offline. You can also find the official Moodle app in the relevant appstores. Both tools can also be used with RWTHmoodle, but are not supported by the IT Center and the CLS. If you have any questions about these tools, please contact the manufacturer Moodle Pty Ltd. directly.

Wichtiger Hinweis


Please always use a web browser on a PC or notebook for processing assessed work orders such as Assignments or Tests and ensure a stable Internet connection.




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