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Service Description


RWTHmoodle is the central webbased teaching and learning platform of RWTH Aachen University. Its virtual course rooms offer a broad range of functions for the realization of digital teaching formats. Thanks to various plugins from the open source community of Moodle the platform can be further extended. The course rooms are access controlled. Besides the persons giving the corresponding lecture or being responsible for it only students registered for the course get access to the course room.

Information on RWTHmoodle


Auf dieser Seite finden Sie einige grundlegende Informationen zu RWTHmoodle. Detaillierte Anleitungen werden schrittweise hier im Portal ergänzt.

On this page you will find som general information on RWTHmoodle. Detailed manuals will be added step by step to this documentation portal.

1.  The Creation of Course Rooms

All lectures from RWTHonline can use course rooms in RWTHmoodle. A course room will be created if you choose the option “Course room in RWTHmoodle” when editing the lecture in RWTHonline. For more information please read the manual "RWTHmoodle-Lernraum beantragen" (available only in German; homepage only accessible from the RWTH network). "Course Groups" won't get separate course rooms but will become groups in the course room of the course from RWTHonline instead.

2. Automatic Authorization of Lecturers, Assistants, and Students

The lecturers of a course in RWTHonline as well as the assistants will be authorized automatically as "Managers" in the course room. Students with a "Confirmed Place" for the course in RWTHonline will also be granted access to the course room automatically.

3.  The Role „RWTHmoodle Management“

Persons with the role „RWTHmoodle Management“ in RWTHonline will automatically be authorized as „Managers“ in all course rooms of the organizational unit. A manual for the new role is published in the section "Die Funktion "RWTHmoodle-Verwaltung" of the "RWTHonline-Dokuportal" (available only in German; homepage only accessible from the RWTH network).

4.  The Web Address of RWTHmoodle

RWTHmoodle is available through the following link: https://moodle.rwth-aachen.de

5.  Demo Course Room and Trainings

You will find a demo course room with various exemples of how to use a course room under: https://moodle.rwth-aachen.de/course/view.php?id=4. The demo course is public and available for everyone. In order to access it, please click “Continue as guest”.

The “Center for Learning and Teaching Services (CLS)”, “Departmenf of Learning Platform Management (LPM)”, regularly offers the introductory course “Basisschulung RWTHmoodle” for beginners. All available appointments can be found in the list of courses offered by ExAcT. Here, you can also register for the training. We will be happy to offer additional appointments on demand.

6.  Documentation

The documentation for RWTHmoodle with manuals and FAQs is still under construction. Some manuals can already be accessed on this page through the navigation on the left. They will be extended step by step here in the documentation portal of the IT Center.

7.  Support

The RWTHmoodle support team will be happy to answer your questions about RWTHmoodle and especially about the appropriate realization of your teaching scenarios. Please send an e-mail to: servicedesk@itc.rwth-aachen.de.