The RWTHmoodle homepage is accessible via the URL For the login, you need your username (e.g. ab123456) and the password.


Proceed to login to RWTHmoodle - Link to the login procedure


  • Go to the starting page of RWTHmoodle:
  • Click "Proceed to login".
  • Log in via the RWTH Single Sign-On.
  • For this, you need your username (e.g. ab123456) and the password for the account RWTH Single Sign-On.
  • You can change your password for this account in the Selfservice of RWTH Aachen University.
  • If you do not have access to the selfservice, you can request or reset your username and password using PasswordReset.

After having logged in successfully you're directed to the so-called "Dashboard". This contains all the course rooms for which you are authorized.


For more information: "Selfservice""Forgot Login Data" und "RWTH Single Sign-On"