In RWTHmoodle, participants of the course rooms can have different editing rights. These editing rights are managed via roles.


Manage roles

The course room manager can assign different roles to course participants.

To do this, click on "Participants" in the navigation on the left to open the Participant Administration.

  • To add further tutors or managers, click on "+Manager" or "+Tutor" or "+Tutor with editing rights".
  • Search for one or more people at the same time by name, e-mail address or matriculation number.
  • Click on the appropriate hits.
  • Confirm with "Add users".

Mass import of participants

In some events, especially those with an immanent examination character, the fixed place in RWTHonline is only allocated during the semester.

If you need a mass import of participants for this or other reasons, we will be happy to help you.

Please send a list with the first names, surnames and matriculation numbers of the students as a CSV file to, mentioning the name of the course room.

Rights of different roles

The rights in RWTHmoodle are represented in roles. The following roles are available:

  • Manager - You design the course room, manage participants and dates, provide learning content, plan and execute learning activities, and manage student assessments. Lecturers from RWTHonline are automatically booked as managers.
  • Tutor - This category is suitable for tutors who need to correct and evaluate student exercises. They are manually added to the course by managers and have no editing rights.
  • Tutor with editing rights - This role gives tutors the additional right to provide files in folders. These "folders" must first be inserted into the course room by the "manager". To do so, the managers have to use the function "+Add an activity or resource".
  • Students - Students with a fixed place for the course in RWTHonline are automatically added to the course room in this role. If they are to be removed from the course room, they must be deregistered from the course in RWTHonline. They do not have editing rights.
  • Additional Participants - They have the same rights as the "Student" role, but are manually added to or removed from the course room by the manager. This role is suitable for persons who cannot register for a course in RWTHonline.



For more information: "Add and remove participants" and "Add activities and resources"

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