This manual describes the functions of the role management from the viewpoint of someone who is to make use of a role.

Activating roles

In order to make use of a role that was assigned to you by your role manager you first need to activate it. For this you will receive a personal coupon from your role manager. This can be done via e-mail, internal mail or in person.

Voraussetzung für die Nutzung der Rolle ist die vorhandene Verknüpfung Ihres Benutzernamens (Format: ab123456) mit den Mitarbeiterdaten im CAMPUS-Organisationsverzeichnis.

The actual activation is done in the Selfservice (

After logging in with your username (e.g.ab123456) and the corresponding password, select the item "Redeem Coupon" in the navigation menu (see figure 1).

Now you enter the coupon delivered by the role manager. You will then be asked to select the e-mail address on which you want to receive notifications about the role.
In order to be able to redeem the coupon, a TIM-Campus linkage is required. The linkage can also be carried out at a later point by your organizational unit. As long as this has not been done, you will receive the error message that the requirements for the activation of the role have not been fulfilled. The coupon, however, is still valid and can be redeemed after a successful linkage within the expiration time of 14 days. When you fulfil these requirements and the coupon was checked for validity, your role is directly assigned to you and can be viewed under "Roles" in the Selfservice (see figure 1).
Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to receive e-mail notifications when changes were made to the role. This can be done in the Selfservice in the tab "Options".

Using Roles

To use one of the roles assigned to you click on the corresponding link under the menu item "Roles" in the column "Target System Links". This will lead you directly to the required page or application, e.g. the ordering portals. In case you are authorized for one role (e.g. Bestellung IT (IT purchaser)) in several contexts, please make sure to select the correct link.

CAMPUS roles


The CAMPUS roles (admin, dean, lecturer, student adviser, lecture hall supervisor, annotated course catalog (VVZ), tutor, organizational unit, examiner, examination office, room administrator, phone directory, course catalog) are still assumed as usual via the page "Login for Employees" in the CAMPUS system. These are not managed by the role management mentioned here.

Withdrawal of Roles

The role manager of your organizational unit can withdraw the role(s) at any time. When you are deleted from the organizational unit, you automatically lose the TIM-CAMPUS linkage and all roles for which you were authorized. If, however, you are still registered in an organizational unit with a corresponding linkage, the roles remain unchanged and have to be withdrawn manually by the role manager.