Service Description

The role management of the RWTH Aachen University allows institutions of the university to manage responsibilites for online services, e.g. placing orders in the IT purchasing portal of the RWTH Aachen University or accessing message lists of exams at the Central Examination Office, autonomously and independent of opening hours.

The role management covers the steps "authorizing" and "unlocking". With the authorization a role manager of an institution enables a person to use the provided services by assigning them a role. This role assignment generates a coupon by means of which the authorized person can subsequently unlock their role. The "authorized" person can log on to the online service with one of their accounts (usually RWTH Single Sign-On) and assume their role. Additionally, the role manager can revoke an authorization with immediate effect.

The use of the roles is described under access. The assignment of roles is described on the page "Using the Role Management"

Existing Roles

Currently the following roles are managed via the central role management by the role managers of the corresponding organizational units:


Administration Backup

(Backup Admin)

Access to the backup portal.

TIM-CAMPUS linkage
Antragstellung DienstreisenAuthorized to create travel requests and billingTIM-CAMPUS linkage, Mitarbeiterstatus, Ablaufdatum
Assistenz DienstreisenAuthorized to create other travel requests and billing statementsTIM-CAMPUS linkage, Mitarbeiterstatus, Ablaufdatum

Bestellung Apple

(Bestellung - Apple)

Able to use the Shop, from the general agreement with Cancom about Apple-Products. 

Bestellung IT

(IT-Besteller (IT Purchaser))

Placing orders of hard- and software in various purchasing portals (e.g.  RWTH-Shop-ITadmin, Hardware shop of NRW universitiesIT-Shop, Software Portal and smart & mobile).

TIM-CAMPUS linkage

Bestellung Konventioneller-Bedarf

(Konventioneller Einkäufer (Conventional Purchaser (formerly C-article purchaser and interior supplier)))

Placing orders of products, e.g. in the online shop „Einfach einkaufen“, RWTH-Merchandising-Shop, Web2Print and the new office supplies shop. 

 Further information

TIM-CAMPUS linkage

Bestellung Technische Gase

(Wissenschaftlicher Einkäufer (Scientific purchaser (formerly gas purchaser)))

Placing orders of technical gases in the gas portal.
Further information

TIM-CAMPUS linkage
Buchhaltung DienstreisenAllowed to check travel refinements for WBS elementsTIM-CAMPUS linkage, Mitarbeiterstatus, Ablaufdatum
Genehmigung DienstreisenAllowed to authorize travel by subordinatesTIM-CAMPUS linkage, Mitarbeiterstatus, Ablaufdatum

Information Drittmittelvorhaben

(Information Drittmittelvorhaben)

Enables you to display all planned projects of an institute code number (IKZ) entered in the project announcement of the third-party information system (DIS) in an overview without the possibility of editing and exporting. 

Information Personalbelastungen


Viewing List of Personnel Costs reports reports from SAP via the web portal.

Further information

TIM-CAMPUS linkage, Mitarbeiterstatus, Ablaufdatum

Literaturbesteller (Literature Purchaser)

This role is no longer available!


Information on literature orders can be found in two newsletters of the ZHV: A 2014-22A 2014-41


Verwaltung Drittmittelvorhaben

(Verwaltung Drittmittelvorhaben)

Enables you to view, continue or edit the entries already made in the project announcement in an overview. 

Verwaltung Infouser-Finanzen

(Verwaltung Infouser-Finanzen)

Viewing financial reports from SAP via the web portal.
Further information
TIM-CAMPUS linkage, Ablaufdatum

Verwaltung Infouser-Personal

(Verwaltung Infouser-Personal)

Viewing HR reports from SAP via the web portal.TIM-CAMPUS linkage, Ablaufdatum

Verwaltung Noten

(Prüfer (Examiner))

Access to message lists for exams int he Central Examination Office (ZPA).
Further information

TIM-CAMPUS linkage

Verwaltung Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel

(Studienbeitragsverwalter (Tuition fee admin))

Administration of accountings on the use of tuition fees.
Further information on quality imporvement measures

TIM-CAMPUS linkage

Verwaltung Rollen

(Rollenverwalter (Role Manager))

Authorization of employees via the role management by assigning the corresponding roles. Further information


Verwaltung Stipendiaten

(Personalverantwortlicher (HR manager))

Enables the registration of sholarship holders.
Further information
TIM-CAMPUS linkage
Zugriff SAP-GUIHolders of the role are delivered to the central user administration of the SAP systems. This is the necessary condition to be able to exercise rights in the SAP GUI. The authorizations must be requested by the supervisor.TIM-CAMPUS linkage, Mitarbeiterstatus, Ablaufdatum

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Purchaser roles in the central university administration department


For the demand of the ZHV the chancellor has shifted the purchasing responsibility to certain departments. As a consequence the purchasing roles (conventional purchase, academic purchaser, IT-purchaser) inside the central university administration department have been assigned according to the responsibilities defined by the chancellor. The existing purchaser roles inside the central university administration department have been withdrawn and cannot be assigned again via the role manager. This regulation is not relevant for the departments 7.3, 8.4, 5.0, 5.3, 10.1 and the chancellor.


Please note the requirements that role holders must fulfil.



Die CAMPUS-Rollen (Administrator, Dekan, Dozent, Fachstudienberater, Hörsaalbetreuer, Kommentiertes VVZ, Lehrender, Organisationseinheit, Prüfer, Prüfungsamt, Raumadministrator, Telefonbuch, Vorlesungsverzeichnis) nehmen Sie weiterhin wie gewohnt über die Seite „Login für Mitarbeiter" im CAMPUS System wahr. Diese werden nicht über die hier genannte Rollenverwaltung verwaltet.

Schulungen zur Rollenverwaltung


Im Rahmen der Campus Anwender-Schulungen können Sie sich als Rollenverwalter schulen lassen.