What roles are available in the role management?
List of roles in the role management.
 Where can I view my roles?
You can find an overview of all the roles assigned to you in the Selfservice under the menu item "roles". 
 How can I assign roles as role manager?
Manual on the use of the role management.
 Are roles withdrawn automatically?

Since 1-13-2015, all roles that require a TIM-Campus linkage are withdrawn automatically. This occurs when the last available linkage was terminated (e.g. by deleting your personal Campus entry). If you have more than one personal entry on Campus, your roles with invalid linkage are transferred to one of your remaining Campus linkages.

In addition, there are roles (e.g. role manager) which are marked with a termination date and withdrawn at this date.

Both role holders and role managers of your organizational unit will be informed by e-mail about two weeks before automatic role withdrawals.

The role "role manager" will only be withdrawn when afterwards one person still holds the role.

 I can't select an e-mail address when redeeming the coupon!

This error occurs when there is no e-mail address registered for you on Campus. Please contact the admin of your organizational unit and have them enter an e-mail address. After that you can redeem the coupon again provided that the termintaion date has not yet been reached.

 Why can I assume certain roles only when registered on Campus?

Many roles require an entry on Campus. This condition must be fulfiled by you as a role holder. It ensures that you will be assigned an official contact (address, e-mail, phone number) which is necessary for the assumption of roles. This contact does not necessarily have to be the contact in the organizational unit for which you are assuming the specific role. E.g. you should, if you are assuming a role for multiple organizations, assign your primary contact.

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