Service Description

The role management of the RWTH Aachen University allows institutions of the university to manage responsibilites for online services, e.g. placing orders in the IT purchasing portal of the RWTH Aachen University or accessing message lists of exams at the Central Examination Office, autonomously and independent of opening hours.

The role management covers the steps "authorizing" and "unlocking". With the authorization a role manager of an institution enables a person to use the provided services by assigning them a role. This role assignment generates a coupon by means of which the authorized person can subsequently unlock their role. The "authorized" person can log on to the online service with one of their accounts (usually RWTH Single Sign-On) and assume their role. Additionally, the role manager can revoke an authorization with immediate effect.

The use of the roles is described under access. The assignment of roles is described on the page "Using the Role Management"


Status information

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The role management between the organisations of the central university administration department (ZHV) and other university organisations has been the same up to now. For the demand of the ZHV the chancellor has shifted the purchasing responsibility to certain departments. As a consequence the purchasing roles (conventional purchase, academic purchaser, IT-purchaser) inside the central university administration department have been assigned according to the responsibilities defined by the chancellor.

This new difference has been reflected in the role management as well.

The following changes has taken place:

1)      Role manager of the central university administration department

The assignment of the purchaser roles is not possible.

2)      Role holder of a purchaser role in the central university administration department

All the assigned roles have been withdrawn and a new assignments of the roles via the role manager is not possible

This regulation is not relevant for the departments 7.3, 8.4, 5.0, 5.3, 10.1 and the chancellor.