Structure and navigation

By clicking the logo in the upper left corner you can always return to the homepage where you will find an overview of all spaces of the documentation portal.

On the left-hand side of each space you will find the navigation bar that displays the contents in a tree structure.

Apart from these navigation features we particularly recommend using the search function.

The search

Global search

There are two different search options for finding specific articles and entries on the Wiki. The search field tagged with a 1 provides the 'global search', i.e. the search involves all pages available on the Wiki. The tag 2 indicates the search field for the local or space specific search, but more on this later.

Let us now, for example, search for the 'Treffpunkt Mobile Geräte' (meeting point for mobile devices), a contact point for members of the RWTH who are experiencing IT problems concerning laptops, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

As you can see, the search via the search field was performed in 'all spaces' and the hits listed depending on the concordance rate. Alternatively, if you are searching for specific information you can switch from the global search to the local or space specific search. For instance, we are now searching for the service times of the 'Treffpunkt Mobile Geräte'.

Search in a space

After having found it via the global search, we are now on the 'TreMoGe' page. In this case the service times should be findable even without the search function, however, this does not change anything about the manner of functioning. By using the highlighted search field the whole space, in which the page is located, will be searched. In this case the space is 'IT-ServiceDesk' since TreMoGe is a project of the IT support. If we now search for 'service times' the search function lists the relevant hits and suggests advances search criteria. These can be enabled or disabled at will and according to meaningfulness. In case you want to save these hints as a PDF or have questions you simply have to scroll down!

Download page as PDF

Under the item "Tools" in the upper right corner...



... you will find the sub-item "Export to pdf".



By clicking it, a dialog window opens to save the desired page as a pdf-file.




On the very bottom of the page - in the footer of the website - you will find the item "Feedback".


By simply clicking this item, the e-mail program that is installed by default on your computer, opens and allows you to send us your suggestions, comments or questions.