The My IT Center portal

The My IT Center portal enables simplified access to the various web applications for administration and configuration of the IT services of the IT Center of the RWTH Aachen University.

The URLs of the services, RWTH shops and support offers of the IT Center are collected in the My IT Center portal at a central point and additionally sorted according to categories. In this way a complex search of the different offers is prevented and an easy overview of the individual web applications is made possible.


Access for all users

The My IT Center portal can be reached via the link: . The information available there is accessible to all users without a login.

If one of the services is then visited via the link, users are asked to log in on the following page. If they are not authorized to use the application, they will receive an error message.

Access via login

  1. In addition to the general view, it is possible to log in to the My IT Center portal by clicking on "Login".
  2. In the second step, registration via the RWTH Single Sign-On is required.

   3. Users are then shown the applications and shops they are authorized to use in the My IT Center portal.

Via the menu item "Target Group", you can return to a display of all web applications of the IT Center by selecting the item "All", should this be desired.

Access to the linked IT services

By clicking on the services collected in categories, users are forwarded to them.

After activating the desired link, it may be necessary to click on "Login" again on the selected website - however, it is not necessary to enter the login data again.


However, it is important to note that there are still some web applications that do not manage their access rights via the central identity management. These include, for example, the MailADM or the NOC portal.

The authorizations for use are stored in the respective application itself. Therefore, these applications are displayed to registered users, but with the addition "Where required no rights".

If these applications are to be accessed, users may have to log in again - even by entering user data - or they receive an error message if they are not authorized.

Brief information on IT services

The functionalities of the individual IT services in the My IT Center portal are displayed when the mouse is moved over one of the services.

By clicking on "More about ..." you will be forwarded to the detailed information pages of the documentation portal of the IT Center, if available.

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