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 How may projects can be created for each GitLab Account?

Each GitLab Account (via Shibboleth) can create 50 projects within GitLab.

 How to sign in to GitLab as an external user?

To work on already existing projects, it is possible to allow external users to sign in to the central GitLab instance via Github. To do so the external user can use his/her Github account (which has to be setup first on, if non-existent) to login. To set up a Github account, simply click on the Github logo on the front page of Be aware that users logging in via Github will be marked as External, thus they aren't allowed to create projects.

 Note regarding the Github Login

The Login via Github is intended only for external project partners who can't authenticate via Shibboleth. Please use the Github Login only when there is no possibility to authenticate via Shibboleth, because the account will otherwise be flagged as external and the right to create projects will be revoked.

 Group- and user permissions

Once a group permission has been set, it is not possible to grant individual user permissions (that deviate from the set group permission) to members of the group.

 Changing the username

Users can change their displayed username by themselves via "Profile → Account". Please be aware of the fact that by changing the username, the namespace will automatically be altered as well. As a consequence, all links to already existing projects will be altered too.

 Login concerning git-clones

When git-cloning, users need to use their username from GitLab (not the email and not the Shibboleth username!) and a specific access token, that needs to be set in advance (user settings - access token), to log in. The username (format: ab123456) and the associated password can not be used in this case.

 Quota of group projects

As a group, any number of projects can be created.The number of projects of a group does not affect the quota of each group member.

 Push & pull - authentication without ssh-key?

You can conventionally authenticate with a username and password to use GitLab push and pull. This password needs to be set in the GitLab userprofile though. As soon as a password has been set, push & pull will work out via https.

 DSA keys in OpenSSH 7.0

DSA keys are not supported by OpenSSH 7.0 and newer Versions but not rejected by GitLab. That leads to an error.

A RSA key is to be used instead of a DSA Key.

 How to enable two factor authentification

First, you need an App to generate two factor auth codes. A list of Apps with code generator

Google Authenticator
Play Store:

Play Store:

After the install of the app, go to your GitLab profile ( and activate the two factor authentification.

 Where i can find my username?

You can find your Username

 How can I use a GitLabRunner?

Currently we do not offer a GitLab Runner for all users. To install your own GitLab Runner on your computer or server, please follow the official GitLab Runner instructions.

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