Installation of required Software


PHP and git should be installable via the package manager of the used distribution. After that composer has to be installed, please consult for further instructions.
The script for the migration itself is hosted on Github, to be installed as follows:


TortoiseGit and Composer can be downloaded on their respective sites and installed via the usual way.

Migration of issues

Activation of the RPC API in trac

To be able to access the RPC API in trac it has to be cleared by an SSELab admin. Please raise a ticket (mail to, it will be forwarded.

Getting the secret token of Gitlab

To be able to access the web api of Gitlab the secret token is required, to be found under profile settings → account.

Creating a Gitlab project and discovering its id

To be able to do the actual migration, a Gitlab project has to be created. Unfortunately, the Gitlab web api doesn't allow access to projects using the project name, but only with the id. The id can be found on the page https://git.rwth-aachen,de/api/v3/projects?private_token=<secret token>.

Actual Migration

To do the migration, the following command line should suffice:

Regarding the ticket query (-q): Any query can be inserted here, examples are on this page. To migrate only all new tickets, "status=new" should be used.
Instead of using the ticket query, a trac component can be used with the parameter c standard component in trac is component1. In that case the command line looks like this:

Regarding the user map (-t): The format is <SSELab-user=Gitlab-user>.