How do I log in via Shibboleth?

Zur Authentifizierung benötigen Sie Ihren Benutzernamen sowie das Kennwort für den RWTH Single Sign-On Account. Ihr Kennwort können Sie komfortabel im Selfservice ändern.

Sollten Sie keinen Zugang zum Selfservice haben, können Sie Ihr Kennwort über den PasswordReset zurücksetzen.

 What is my username? Where can I find the access data?

The user name corresponds to the user name for the RWTH Single Sign-On Account. You can find this in the IdM Selfservice. In the IdM Selfservice you can also change the password for the account. If you have forgotten the password for your RWTH Single Sign-On account, you can reset the password using the password reset function.

 What is an "Institutional Login"
Many online services offer a so called „institutional login. You can log into these services by local accounts and additionally by using an account of an institution you are affiliated to. RWTH Aachen University offers RWTH Aachen Single Sign-On for this purpose. You can log in by this service if RWTH is listed in the select list. The assigned account is your RWTH Single Sign-On account.

Please note: Wether you get acces or not depends on release rules for attributes containing information about you required by the service. If there is any doubt, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

 How do I log out via Shibboleth?

To log out you have to close all windows of your browser.

Why is that the case?

Shibboleth saves and encrypts the information about who you are and what you are allowed to do in your browser session. Therefore, the data are saved as long as the windows of your browser are open. The information are available for all applications that are protected with Shibboleth so you do not have to authenticate again. But this also means that you cannot log out of a certain application because Shibboleth assumes that you might still want to use the other applications. If one application provided a logout, you would also log out of all other applications.

Please note: Anyone who can access your browser can use the applications protected by Shibboleth as long as you do not close your browser or delete the Shibboleth cookies.                       

 As service provider what do I have to do to protect my service with Shibboleth?

The exact procedure is described in the manual.

 Why do I get the error message "An error occurred" / "NoSuchFlowExecutionExcpetion"?

Such error messages appear when you click on the back button in the browser during a safe session. To repair the error close the browser and/or clear the cache and delete the cookies for

 Why can't I register for some services with the RWTH Single Sign-On, although RWTH Aachen University is listed there?

Since we do not have general attribute sharing for all services that are provided by the DFN AAI and eduGAIN, all services must be enabled individually. If you are not able to register for a service although RWTH Aachen University is listed there, please send an email with the URL to the service provider and, if available, the required attributes, to