The following manual applies to the new installation of the Sophos Enterprise Console 5.2.1R2 on a Windows server 2008 R2. Depending on the operating system used or the Enterprise Console, there may be slight differences. Please note the system requirements under and the Release Notes ( before the installation.
Additional documentations on Enterprise Console can be found here:

1. Download and Start the Installation

 a) Download the 'Sophos Enterprise Console' from the page access and start the installer.

2. Accept the License Terms

Choose "Next" and accept the license terms in the following step.

3. Select the components you want to install

4. Check the Requirements

Following this, the installer performs several system tests in order to determine whether all requirements for a successful installation have been fulfilled.

5. Select the Installation Directory

6. Install the Database

To install the database the installer requires an account which the Enterprise Console will later use to authenticate for the database. For the authorization required by this account, please refer to the support article displayed in the Wizard. 

7. Communication Settings

8. Login Data for the Update of Managed Computers

Select an account with which your managed computers need to log on to the Enterprise Console in order to download updates.

9. Encryption Configuration

10. Feedback Data and Installation

To conclude the preparations, decide whether Sophos may collect feedback data from your server. Start the installation by selecting "install". Next, you have to log on to the system again. 

11. Start the Configuration of the Update Manager

After logging in again, Enterprise Console automatically starts a Wizard for the configuration of the update server. Since only Sophos-specific servers can be selected here, you have to click "Cancel". Next, choose the item "Update manager" at the top of the window. Then, right-click on the server and select "Open/edit configuration". 

12. Configuration of Update Sources

In the tab "Sources" select the button "Add" and enter the URL of the update server and your login data. The corresponding link can be found here: access.

13. Configuration of Subscription

In the tab "Subscriptions" select the subscription "Recommended" and move it to the section "Subscribed for" on the right. Then, click "OK" and confirm the warning windows (if need be) with "Yes". 

14. Configuration of Software Products in the Subscription

Finally, you should select the software products in the subscription "Recommended" which you want to provide along with the Enterprise Console. After your selection, the update manager automatically starts the synchronization.


To open the log files of the Enterprise Console, an MMC Snap-In called "Logs.msc' is located in the installation directory ( c:\program files\sophos\enterprise console).