The IT Center currently operates three central license servers that manage network licenses for suitable software products (scientific application software, programming tools)  which are used by the RWTH Aachen University institutions and members. Network licenses provide institutions with greater usage flexibility. Network licenses can be provided to RWTH Aachen University institutions, members and students by the IT Center. The costs for these bundled licenses are shared by its users and can be bought through the RWTH Software Shop.

RWTH Aachen University institutions can also purchase licenses for themselves. These licenses can be stored on the license servers of the IT Center as long as they do not conflict with already installed software or security issues arise. For further information, please contact our IT-ServiceDesk.

The license servers are redundant. They are distributed on the premises of the IT Center in Seffenter Weg 23 and Wendlingweg 10.


Please inform us if the licenses are going to be used during events and courses. If possible, we will arrange our maintenance work outside the event and course schedule.