The Software-Shop allows institutes and members of RWTH Aachen University to electronically purchase software products. For most of those products the IT Center negotiated framework license agreements. This supports the administrative processes at RWTH. Furthermore, purchasing software licenses in bulk allows to cut costs. The software portal, including processing and delivering orders, is run by the company Asknet. Most software products can be downloaded by the user directly from the IT Center's software server. On request also software licenses from institutes can be marketed via the Asknet shop. Some software products are also available for other universities in NRW. Those can be purchased in a seperate software shop, the NRW-Portal.


To access the software shop your computer needs an IP address from the univeristy network.

Every user can log in using their username (format: ab123456) and the RWTH Single Sign-On account password.

After logging in, please choose the role you want to use (e.g. IT-purchaser (IT-Besteller), employee or private orders). If no role is select you will be logged in as "observer". This enables you to view all products, but you can only purchase them after changing your role (logout and re-login).


Students can order software required for their studies privately.


Every institute organizes the use of the software shop autonomously via the Role Management. The Role Manager authorizes one or more employees by assigning them the role "IT-Besteller". The role allows to place orders for the organisational unit. The "IT-Besteller" logs in via the Selfservice or the software shop using the username (format: ab123456) and the RWTH Single Sign-On account password.


Employees can use the software shop for private purposes.

Transfering user accounts after January 14, 2016


The Software-Shop was updated on January 13, 2016. After the update, previous orders might, for the time being, not be visible anymore. Please note the following:

1) Students: The account will be transfered automatically. If this is not the case, please turn to the Asknet contact stated on the portal.

2) Employees: To transfer your account please state your former login and password.

3) IT-purchaser: Previous orders can be viewed under the menu item "Mein Konto" (my account) and "Meine Downloads" (my downloads). If you are the IT-purchaser for several IKZs, then the orders will be sorted by account (= IKZ), i.e. you will always see the orders of your previous account or respectively those of the currently selected IKZ.

Structure of the software shop

All software products are grouped in different categories on the left hand side. A-products are pre-financed by the IT Center and by purchasing those you participate on the costs. B-products are software products for which the RWTH has framework license agreements with the software producer. For A- and B-products no cost comparison is necessary.
Furthermore, additional software is offered by Nexway AG (formerly asknet AG). For those products the rules of the procurement handbook apply. That means that all products that cost more than EUR 500 require a cost comparison and the respective rules of the procurement handbook apply.

Procurements above 5000 €

From now on IT-purchaser can order A-products above 5000€ directly via the Software without issuing a separate procurement request. The order will subsequently be checked by employees of department 7.3. If the order is approved you will receive an order confirmation. You can view the status of your order in the IT-Shop.

Procurement of new software

If you miss software products in the list or you have suggestions for new campus license agreements please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

Downloading the software

Users need an IP address from the RWTH network to download software from the FTP server. This is also possible via VPN. To download software from the FTP server we recommend to always use a FTP client. When software is downloaded using a browser or the Finder (Apple) errors occur frequently, leading to installation errors. For Microsoft Windows we recommend FileZilla, for MAC Cyberduck.