Fifth European Workshop on OpenMP

Tools for OMPlab

OpenMP Specifications (pdf):

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SunONE Compiler Suite
Sun Microsystems
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
Sun native compilers and programming toolsSun ONE StudioPrimer (Aachen)
f95Fortran95 compiler supporting autoparalleliziation and OpenMP V2man f95
man f77
  • f95 -openmp -fast ...
  • f95 -f77 -ftrap=%none -openmp -fast ...
  • f95 -autopar -reduction -fast ...
Sun ONE StudioPrimer (Aachen)
cc, c99C compiler supporting autoparalleliziation and OpenMP V2man cc
man c99
  • cc -xopenmp -fast ...
  • cc -xautopar -xreduction -fast ...
Sun ONE StudioPrimer (Aachen)
CCC++ compiler supporting OpenMP V2man CC
  • CC -xopenmp -fast ...
  • CC -xautopar -xreduction -fast ...
Sun ONE StudioPrimer (Aachen)
collectsampling collector for serial, OpenMP and MPI programsman collect
  • collect -o a.out
  • mprun -np 2 collect -m on -g experimentfile.erg a.out
Sun ONE StudioPrimer (Aachen)
er_printpresent sampling collector's results in line modeman er_print
  • er_print
  • er_print experimentfile.erg
Analysis ToolsPrimer (Aachen)
analyzerpresent sampling collector's results in a GUIman analyzer
  • analyzer
  • analyzer experimentfile.erg
Analysis ToolsPrimer (Aachen)
Sun HPC Cluster Tools
Sun Microsystems
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
Tools for the development of parallel applications.Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
mprun, mpcc, mpCC, mpf90Sun MPIman mpf90
man mprun
  • mpf90 ... -lmpi
  • mprun -np <nthreads> a.out
Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
prismParallel Debuggerman prism
  • prism -np <nthreads> a.out
Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
Fujitsu Programming Environment
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
Tools for the development of parallel applications.  
Workbench  . fujitsu.init
pnwb -team -host -port 2152

a paper version is available


. fujitsu.init

frt -KOMP -Kfast file.f90
fcc -KOMP -Kfast file.c
FCC -KOMP -Kfast

Online Manuals

The access is password protected:
password will be publishe during the lab

IBM Compilers
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline
IBM native compilers and programming toolsAIX Doc. Introduction (Jülich)
cc, xlc,
xlf, xlf90, xlf95
Fortran95, C and C++ compilers (serial versions)man xlf
  • xlf95 -O3 -qhot ...
AIX Doc. Introduction (Jülich)
cc_r, xlc_r, xlC_r
xlf_r, xlf90_r, xlf95_r
Thread save Fortran95, C and C++ compilers supporting autoparalleliziation and OpenMPman xlf
  • xlf_r -O3 -qhot -qsmp=omp -qnosave ...
  • xlf95_r -O3 -qhot -qsmp=omp ...
  • xlf95_r -O3 -qhot -qsmp=auto -qreport=smplist ...
AIX Doc. Introduction (Jülich)
Thread save Fortran95, C and C++ compilers supporting MPI, autoparallelization and OpenMPman mpcc_r
man mpCC_r
man mpxlf_r
man mpxlf90_r
man mpxlf95_r
  • mpxlf95_r -O3 -qhot ...
  • mpxlf95_r -O3 -qhot -qsmp=omp ...
AIX Doc. Introduction (Jülich)
IBM Load Leveler
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
llsubmit, ...Execution of parallel programsman llsubmit
  • llsubmit <ll-job-command-file>
  Introduction (Jülich)
llrunInteractive execution of parallel programs on the Jülich IBM Clusterllrun
  • llrun -p 16 mpi.exe
  • llrun -t 4 omp.exe
  • llrun -p 4 -t 2 hybrid.exe
  llrun usage (Jülich)
IBM Profilers
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
IBM Profilers Performance Tools Guide Mini-Howto (Jülich)
xprofilerGUI for the presentation of profiler dataman xprofiler
  • mpf90 -p -pg ...
  • profiler a.out gmon.out
Performance Tools Guide Mini-Howto (Jülich)
hpmcount, hpmviz, hpmstatHPM Toolkit: Toolkit for performance measurements. Reads hardware performance counters (and more).hpmcount
hpmviz -h
hpmstat -h
  • hpmcount
    -g 5 a.out
  • llrun -H a.out
Interesting pages: 5, 53, 56, 58, 60
User Info Mini-Howto (Jülich)
Intel Compilers and Threading Tools
Intel Corporation
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
Intel Software Development Products  
ifl, iclIntel CompilersWindows:
ifl /?
icl /?
Windows (Xeon):
  • ifl /Fe<name.exe> /O3 /G7 /QxW ...
  • ifl /Qopenmp ...
Select the documentation through the Windows start menu.Intel Compilers
vtuneVTune Performance Analyzer
Thread Checker (formerly Assure)
Quick HelpThe Thread Checker is part of the VTune IDE.
  • ifl /Qopenmp /Qtcheck /c prg.f90
  • ifl /Qopenmp /Qtcheck prg.obj /link /fixed:no
  • Start the VTune Performance Analyzer from the Windows Start menu.
  • Select File -> New project
  • Select Category -> Threading Wizards
  • Select Intel Thread Checker Wizard, OK
  • Enter program name and command line arguments
  • Click Finish (engl.) or Fertig stellen (germ.)
Select the help file through the Windows start menu.Thread Checker 2.0 beta VTune 7.0
KAP/Pro Toolset
Intel KAI Software Lab
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
OpenMP preprocessors and tools. OpenMP directives are replaced by library calls and the native compilers are evoked.Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
Mini-Howto (Jülich)
guidef77, guidef90, guidec, guidec++OpenMP compilersQuick Help
  • guidef90 --backend <native comp. option> ...
  • Initialization IBM Jülich: module load kappro
Sun: Because of an incompatibility bewteen the Studio 8 compiler and guide, the Studio 7 compiler must be used:
  • guidef90 -WGcompiler=/opt/Studio7/SUNWspro/bin/f90 ...
Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
Mini-Howto (Jülich)
guideviewVisualization of OpenMP statisticsguideview -help
  • guidef90 -WGstats ...
  • a.out
  • guideview
Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
Mini-Howto (Jülich)
assuref77, assuref90, assurec, assurec++Verification of the correctness of OpenMP programsassuref90
  • assuref90 -WGpname=<project>
  • assureview -pname=<project>
Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
Mini-Howto (Jülich)
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
totalviewGraph. Debugger (Serial and OMP programs)man totalviewtotalview a.outOnline ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
Mini-Howto (Jülich)
Graph. Debugger (MPI and hybrid programs)Sun: totalview mprun -a -np <nproc> a.out
IBM: for the Jülich IBM cluster see llrun with option -T.
Vampirtrace Pallas GmbH
ToolExplanationQuick HelpUsage ExampleOnline ManualsLinks
vampirSampling tool
Vampir: Visualization
Vampirtrace: Sampling of MPI commands
man vampirSun (Aachen), Fortran:
  • . vampir.init
  • mpf90 ... -R/usr/local_rwth/lib -L/usr/local_rwth/lib -lVT -lmpi -lnsl
  • mprun ... a.out
  • vampir a.out.bvp
IBM (Jülich), Fortran:
  • module load vampir
  • mpxlf90_r ... -lVT -lld (Don't forget the "_r")
  • llrun ... a.out
  • vampir a.out.bvp
Online ManualsPrimer (Aachen)
Mini-Howto (Jülich)

   Thank you
Our main sponsor is Sun Microsystems
Sun is the CCC's major provider of supercomputing machinery
The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB)
Pallas, Germany
Pallas is the CCC's major provider of third party parallel programming tools
      Dieter an Mey
        phone: +49-241-8024377 (mobile within the Center)

        mobile: +49-175-2609782 (Sept. 21 - 26 only)


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