High Performance Computing on the Sun Fire SMP-Cluster
March 12 - 16 , 2007

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Part I:

The workshop starts with a short tutorial on serial application performance tuning. This is followed by a detailed coverage of shared memory parallelization.
After an extensive introduction into parallelization automatic parallelization and OpenMP are covered in great detail. Several real world case studies will be presented as well.
There will be ample opportunity to try things out yourself, as an instructor led lab is offered. In the lab examples will be prested to try out the lectured technics, but we also want to encourage you to work on your own application.

The general philosophy of the first part of the workshop is to build up understanding of key concepts that are relevant to obtain good application performance. Once this is achieved, it is much easier to use the development environment in the best possible way.

The Sun compilers, the Sun performance analyzer and the Sun Thread Analyser are covered in detail. It will be shown how these tools can be used to get optimal performance out of UltraSPARC IV and Opteron based Sun workstations and servers.
We will also briefly touch upon several third party software products, which augment the programmer's tool suite on the Sun systems.

Part II:

Despite the practical nature of the tutorial, we can imagine that users still have a need for customized advise how to tune their application. To address this the Tuning Workshop is aimed at people who want to have expert assistance in tuning and parallelizing their own application. Thus it is required to bring your own code. You should also be familiar with the tools an technics taught in the first part of the workshop. Therefore you should attend the first part or have visited a similar event in the past years.

Performance tuning is still often a matter of some experimentation, but we can give you advise on a best effort basis. Hopefully this will lead to a noticeable performance improvement, but guarantees cannot be given.

To maximize the efficiency of the workshop, we would like to ask you to prepare a test case that reflects a typical production run, but does not take too long to execute. In the ideal case, a run should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to finish.

It is also important to have an easy way of verifying that the results of this test run are correct.

Use of a make file to (re)build the application is highly recommended. If you need help with this set up, please contact us so we can assist you beforehand.

We will focus on serial tuning and OpenMP parallelization, but MPI codes are welcome too.

Part I: Tutorial 
 Monday, March 12, 2007, 9:00 - Wednesdat, March 14, 2007, 17:30

 Center for Computing and Communication, Aachen University (RWTH)
 Seffenter Weg 23, 52074 Aachen, Lecture Room


 Ruud van der Pas (Sun), Jonas Edberg (Sun), Dieter an Mey (RWTH)
 Christian Terboven (RWTH), Thomas Nau (Uni Ulm)

Part II: Tuning Workshop

 Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 14:00 - Friday, March 16, 2007, 13:30


Center for Computing and Communication, Aachen University (RWTH)
  Seffenter Weg 23, 52074 Aachen, CIP 3


The Participants

Attendees should be comfortable with C/C++ or Fortran programming and interested in learning more about the technical details of application tuning.

The workshop language will be English.

The Agenda

The following topics will be covered in detail: 

  • Part I: Tutorial
  • Part 2: Tuning Workshop - "Bring your own code"
    • Wednesday afternoon - Tuning
      • Welcome and Introduction to Part II
      • Tuning Workshop
    • Thursday
      • Tuning Workshop
    • Friday morning
      • Tuning Workshop
      • End of event

The Costs

The seminar is organized in cooperation with the RWTH Aachen University and Sun Microsystems. There is no seminar fee. All other costs (e.g. travel, hotel, and consumptions) are at your own expenses.


Registration for the Workshop (Part I, and II separately!) is mandatory.
Allocation is on a first come, first served basis, as we are limited in capacity.
The registration deadline is March 04, 2007.

Register here for Part I: Tutorial
Register here for Part II: Tuning Workshop

Please, fill out the registration form carefully, as we will generate certificates of attendance automatically.

Travel Information

Please make your own hotel reservation.
You can find some popular hotels listed here.
You may find a complete list of hotels on the web pages of the Aachen Tourist Service.
We recommend that you try to book a room in the "Aachen Best Western Regence" hotel. It is a nice hotel with reasonable prices at a walking distance (20-30 minutes) to the computer center through the old city of Aachen.

Please, download a sketch of the city (pdf, 415 KB) with some points of interest marked.

You may find a description of how to reach us by plane, train or car here.

Bus route 33 connects the city and the stop "Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße" every 15 minutes.
Trains between Aachen and Düsseldorf stop at "Aachen West" station which is a 5 minutes walk away from the center.
From the bus stop and the train station just walk uphill the "Seffenter Weg". The first buildung on the lefthand side at the junction with "Kopernikusstraße" is the Computing Center.

The weather in Aachen is usually unpredictable. At that time of the year the temperatures will be most likely between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. It is always a good idea to carry an umbrella. If you'll bring one, it might be sunny!

Information of last years SunHPC 2006 event can be found here.


Samuel Sarholz
Tel.: +49 241 80 24915
Fax: +49 241 80 22504
E-mail: sarholz@rz.rwth-aachen.de

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