Information on Web Hosting



 Which software versions are used?
 How does the web upload work?
  • Access to the websites via WebDAV
  • Access is granted via the server
 How can I set up a directory protection?

The easiest way is to generate a .htaccess-file.

 What must be observed regarding blogs?
  • Software: Blogs are managed Wordpress blogs of the central RWTH blog system.
  • User administration: The contact persons registered for a blog are listed as administrators of the respective blog. As administrator, you can add further persons as subscriber, editor, author or co-woker in the module "Benutzer" (User). The rights of the user roles can be viewed here. The login is done by means of Shibboleth. Prerequisitions for a registration as user are a username (format: ab123456) and a previous authentication in the blog system.
  • URL: A blog has the URL"Blogname".
  • Plugins: Contact persons can activate various extensions for a blog. Those can be found in the administration section under "Plugins".
  • Overview page: By default, blogs appear in an overview of all blogs. If this is not desired, please inform us via the request form.
 How to get information about PHP
  • First create a file with the following content:

  • Save this file as .php-file (e.g. info.php)
  • Upload this file to your webspace
  • visit http://<your subdomain>
  • Caution: This file should only be used to check the installed PHP version and features, to be deleted afterwards. Otherwise, visitors of the site are able to exploit known security issues. If you really need a file like this for a longer period, you should protect it from access by unauthorized visitors. Just create a file named .htaccess with the following content:

 How to cancel a web space?

A web space can easily be cancelled by the person(s) in charge of the role IT-purchaser of your institution. To do so, please access the IT shop in your role as an IT purchaser and choose the tab “orders” on the left hand side. Please make sure to back up your data incl. data bases, in case you might still need them for future actions. After cancelling, all data will ultimately be deleted and cannot be retrieved. Now you can cancel the web space in the column “change product status”. After doing so you will receive an e-mail confirming your cancellation order, which will then be finalized by the IT ServiceDesk.

Student associations have to enter cancellation orders manually via e-mail to the IT ServiceDesk.

Information on the Web Hosting Portal


 How can I add a new contact person?

Only an IT-purchaser can add or delete contact persons in the contact persons menu. To do so, you must select the option "Edit" in the overview of the respective URL. To register a new contact person you must enter their e-mail address. The registered person must then confirm their contact person status via this e-mail. Once listed, contact persons can be deleted by the IT-purchaser.

 What does "delete coupon" in the contact person menu mean?

As soon as a new invitation has been sent to a contact person, their e-mail address appears in the contact person list. The function "delete coupon" is available until the contact person has been verified by confirming the invitation e-mail. The coupon can be deleted to prevent the confirmation.

 How can I apply for a database / an alias?

To be able to apply for a database or an alias you must be listed as contact person of the URL. Then you can select this URL under My URLs and make the desired changes in the detailed overview. Please be aware that databases can only be requested for websites and aliases are only available for websites and software.

 What does "IKZ" or "All IKZs" in the contact person menu mean?

If you are the IT-purchaser for several institutes this function enables you to view only a certain IKZ or all IKZs. By default, all IKZ URLs are shown.

 Which personal data are stored?

Personal data are only stored after agreeing to the data privacy statement. Further information can be found there.

 How do I become a contact person?

Contact the IT-purchaser responsible for the URL. The IT-purchaser can add you as contact person by adding your e-mail address.

 How can I apply for a new website?

Requests for a new URL can only be made by an IT-purchaser via the IT-Shop.

 How many persons can be registered as contact person for one URL?

The number of contact persons is not limited. But every URL must have at least one contact person.

 Whom can I contact if I have a question or a problem?

If you cannot find a solution for your question or problem on the help pages you can use the contact form on the "My URLs" page to request help.

 Do I have to give my telephone number?

Giving your telephone number is not obligatory.


You can apply for an encrypted connection for your websites in the "My URLs" menu. The application will be sent after selecting an operation mode and entering an e-mail address.

 Certificate of the Webhosting-Portal

The certificate has to be send back to the Servicedesk because it is not able to integrate by itself.