Service Description

The IT Center hosts the websites for the institutes. The service includes the allocation of two GB standard webspace. PHP-applications are supported. In addition to this websites can be provided with a database for the self-administrating web application. The maximum volume of a database is two GB. Additionally, it is possible to set up aliases for websites.

The service also offers the provision of blogs. A blog is part of the central blog system in the corporate design of RWTH Aachen University on the basis of Wordpress.

The Web Hosting Portal offers the posibility of self-administration of the services.



Die MySQL Datenbanken des Services Webhosting wurden im August auf neue Infrastruktur migriert. Die Zugangsdaten für die jeweilige Datenbank bleiben bestehen.

Der PhpMyAdmin Zugriff auf die migrierten Datenbanken ist über folgenden Link möglich:


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