You can access the web hosting portal on Authentication works via Shibboleth. A username (format: ab123456) is necessary for the succesful registration. To be able to view a certain URL and make applications for it you need to be registered as contact person by the respective IT-purchaser of the institute.


  • Contact information: Under contact information you can view all the information stored about you in the framework of web hosting. Furthermore you can enter a functional e-mail address and a phone number.
  • My URLs: Under My URLs you can view the information about all the URLs for which you are listed as contact person. Additionally you can apply for a database or aliases here.
  • Contact person: Under contact person you get an overview over all URLs ordered by the IKZs fo which you are listed as IT purchaser, with information on contact persons of registered web services. You can also can add or delete web service contact persons here.
  • Information & Help: Under Information & Help you can read upon information and guidelines. In addition, the FAQ section can be found here.


  • Website: A website is webspace that can optionally be booked with the maximum of one database.
  • Software: Software is webspace with additional managed software, e.g. a Content-Management-System (Typo3). No direct database access is available.
  • Redirect: A redirect is an automatic forwarding to a different URL.
  • Blog: A blog is a managed Wordpress blog of the central RWTH blog system.

Contact Persons

A contact person is responsible for a URL. There can be several contact persons for one URL. An IT-purchaser manages the contact persons of the corresponding institute. The IT-purchaser needs to register as contact person to be able to use all the functions of a contact person and to be able to view all the information about the URLs. To become a contact person you need to have any valid e-mail address which the IT-purchaser uses to list you as contact person. In case there is no contact person for your website, please apply to your institution's IT purchaser. Student organisations, that have no accountable IT purchaser, have to contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

Blog website: It is not necessary to add multiple contact persons for content relevant changes, you can add multiple persons as editor.


Requests for a database / an alias or a deletion can be made via the sub menu "My URLs". After sending the request a status report is generated to confirm your request. Processing your request may take five to ten working days. If you have another request this can be sent via the option "Request" under "My URLs" or "contact person".

IT shop

The application or cancellation takes place at the IT shop and can be done only by the IT purchaser. Furthermore, the IT purchaser can order additional databases.


To access the database please visit

You have access with administrator rights (ALTER,CREATE,CREATE VIEW,DELETE,DROP,INDEX,SELECT,SHOW,VIEW,UPDATE). More information to handle phpMyAdmin can be found here.

The backup of databases is available for the previous 7 days.


You can choose between German or English.


  • Alias: An Alias is another URL, under which a certain URL is also available. Aliases are only available for the categories 'Website' and 'Software'.
  • IKZ: An institute's identification number is used for an unambigiuos identification of the institutes of RWTH Aachen University.
  • CMS: A Content-Management-System is a Software for the collaborative creation, editing, and organisation of websites.