Service Description

For several years the IT Center has been administrating high performance computers to support institutions and employees in terms of education and research. Although all machines from the "RWTH Compute Cluster" are running under the linux operating system, the IT Center provides Windows Frontends with access to the cluster's HOME and WORK filesystems in order to support users for preparation and review of their computation results.

The documentation of the service on Linux can be found in the space RWTH Compute Cluster - Linux.

General information about programming of high performance computers is described in a third space called RWTH Compute Cluster - Parallel Programming.


Maintenance Information

RWTH Störungsmeldungen
Job restrictions on the BULL cluster - jobsize
Hinweis von Freitag 01.12.2017 10:00 bis Donnerstag 01.11.2018 00:00 - Due to problems in the BULL InfiniBand Fabric jobs are restricted to one chassis on the BULL cluster. This means, that a) the maximum coresize is restricted to 216 cores b) the maximum number of hosts is restricted to 18 hosts. In both cases, the job will be rejected if these numbers are exceeded. This does NOT affect the NEC cluster or the service integrative hosting!
Maintenance JARDS application
Wartung von Montag 04.06.2018 07:00 bis Freitag 08.06.2018 23:00 - The JARDS online application system will be in maintenance


Wie auf der Nutzerveranstaltung vom 28.10.2015 näher erläutert wird der Batchbetrieb unter Windows zum 31.12.2015 eingestellt.